venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

Inaugurazione della Settimana del Design e del Mobilio italiano “为设计喝彩”意大利家具文化周

L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Sezione di Shanghai
意大利驻沪总领事馆 文化处

E’ lieto di segnalare il seguente evento culturale, che ha co-organizzato
in collaborazione con la rivista cinese Anjia Magazine:

Inaugurazione della Settimana del Design e del Mobilio italiano

Ora: dalle 13.30 alle 16.30, sabato 15 dicembre 2007
presso JSWB Global Home Furnishing Center, Jia Song Zhong Lu 5369, Shanghai
Sono previsti interventi dei seguenti architetti e designers italiani:
1. Renato Russi “the combination of the Italian design elements with Chinese Furniture”
2. Enrico Taranta “Digital Rinascimento”
3. Francesco Gatti “New Concept of Interior Design”
4. Angelo Garbanati “Trend of the Italian Furniture”
5. Dimitri Albino “Communicate the design: the Italian way”
Si puo’ prendere il pulman:
alle 12 del 15 dicembre 2007 da JSWB Hongqiao Branch (Lou Shan Guan Lu 75)
alle 11.30 dall’Universita’ Tongji e all’Universita’ Donghua alle 17 dal JSWB Global Home Furnishing Center
Per ulteriori dettagli, telefonare al numero: 021 6975 5741



时间:2007年12月15日周六13:30 – 16:30
1. Renato Russi “意大利设计元素与中国家具的结合”
2. Enrico Taranta “数码文艺复兴”
3. Francesco Gatti “室内设计新概念”
4. Angelo Garbanati “意大利家具潮流”
5. Dimitri Albino “表达设计:意大利方式”
2007年12月15日12时 吉盛伟邦虹桥店(娄山关路75号)
11时30分 同济大学—东华大学
17时 吉盛伟邦国际家具村
详情清洽:021 6975 5741

The Culture Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai
is delighted to inform on the following cultural event:

opening of the Italian Furniture Design Week

Time: from 13:30 to 16:30, Saturday 15 December 2007
at JSWB Global Home Furnishing Center, No.5369 Jia Song Zhong Lu, Shanghai
The following Italian architects and designers will give speeches:
1. Renato Russi “the combination of the Italian design elements with Chinese Furniture”
2. Enrico Taranta “Digital Rinascimento”
3. Francesco Gatti “New Concept of Interior Design”
4. Angelo Garbanati “Trend of the Italian Furniture”
5. Dimitri Albino “Communicate the design: the Italian way”
The participants can take bus:
At 12 of December 15 2007 from JSWB Hongqiao Branch (No.75 Lou Shan Guan Lu)
at 11:30 from Tongji University and from Donghua University at 17 from JSWB Global Home Furnishing Center
For further information, please call at 021 6975 5741

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lunedì 3 dicembre 2007


Pirelli & C. SpA is the parent company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, of a multinational Group which is active in over 160 countries and which has 135 years of industrial experience based on recognised excellence in innovation and a profound understanding of global markets.

Pirelli operates in the tyre sector with Pirelli Tyre, fifth in the world in terms of revenue and leader in the high-end segments of the market, with 25 manufacturing plants in 12 countries around the world. In real estate the Group is present with Pirelli RE, a company that in just a few years has affirmed its leadership in Italy, introducing a new business model and highly professional standards. Pirelli RE has recently begun expansion in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Pirelli Group also features two start-ups: Pirelli Broadband Solutions, active in the fields of broadband access and second generation photonics, and Pirelli Ambiente, specialising in environmental and sustainable development projects such as the Gecam™ low environmental impact fuel, particulate filters, photovoltaic energy and quality waste-derived fuel. The Group’s “innovation engine” is represented by Pirelli Labs, the advanced research centre at the service of all Pirelli businesses. Pirelli Labs has partnerships with universities and research centres around the world.

In 2006, the Pirelli Group reported sales of 4,841 million euros and operating income of 401.4 million euros. At the end of 2006 the Group had around 28 thousand employees.


Pirelli & C.股份公司 是在意大利证券交易市场名单上的母公司,是一个多国集团,其经营活动跨越160个国家,在对革新的完美认知和对全球市场的深入了解基础上,在工业领域内积累了135年的经验。

Pirelli 集团以Pirelli轮胎公司在世界轮胎领域年利润排名第五并成为市场高水平层的先导,它在世界12个国家拥有25家制造厂。在房地产方面,Pirelli集团以Pirelli RE公司为代表,短短的几年内已经在意大利确立了其领导地位,引入了一种全新的商业模式和高等专业标准。Pirelli RE最近开始在中欧和东欧进一步扩展。

Pirelli集团还以两家新兴公司为特点:Pirelli 宽带解决方案公司, 在宽带接入和第二代光子领域运营,Pirelli 环境公司, 专业从事环境和可证实的发展项目,诸如Gecam™低环境污染燃油,特种过滤器,光电能源和高品质垃圾衍生燃料。集团的“革新引擎”是Pirelli实验室,先进的研究中心为Pirelli的商业活动提供服务。Pirelli实验室与世界各地的大学和研究中心建立有合作关系。


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sabato 1 dicembre 2007

Interstore Shanghai - Official Opening 国际米兰上海专卖店 - 官方开幕

FC Internazionale's flagship store in China will be officially inaugurated during a press conference to take place at the 21st Century Sports City shopping center in Shanghai on Friday 30 November 2007.
The Italian Serie A champions will be represented at the inauguration ceremony by the club's vice president Angelomario Moratti, CEO and managing director Ernesto Paolillo, commercial director Katia Bassi and a member of Roberto Mancini's first team.

Interstore Shanghai
One hundred square metres of black and blue at the heart of Shanghai in China, a nation where Inter are consistently voted the most loved European football team.
Fans and football enthusiasts can now purchase official club merchandise and share their passion for Inter at the brand new Interstore in China's economic hub.
The eye-catching store, with its two huge display windows facing directly onto the street and Inter's centenary 'Biscione' logo on a large poster, is located within the 21st Century Sports City in Shanghai's busy Sichuan Road North shopping area.
Open seven days a week from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, Interstore Shanghai offers a full range of official Inter products, from replica shirts and leisurewear to balls, bags and gadgets.
Interstore Shanghai, where shopping becomes an interactive experience, is more than just a merchandising outlet. With changing rooms and benches similar to those at the world-famous San Siro Stadium, a free internet cafè, and a permanent exhibition of photos depicting Inter's long history, the aim has been to recreate an authentic atmosphere and a meeting place for Inter fans in what is fast becoming one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.

China, Inter and Pirelli
Inter became the first western football club to promote the development of Chinese football back in 1978 when the club replied to an invitation from the National Sports Bureau, sending a delegation of coaches to provide technical support to Su Yongshen's national team.
The club has maintained strong links with China ever since, particularly in recent years with initiatives such as the founding of an Inter Campus in Qingdao, summer friendly matches against China Super League sides and the national Olympics team, Serie A championship matches played with the Pirelli logo on Inter's shirts in Chinese characters, and the launch of an official Mandarin Chinese channel of the official website

The Pirelli Group, official sponsor of FC Internazionale, is one of the most important Italian companies operating in China. The country is playing a growing role in the Group’s strategy of expansion worldwide. In 2005, Pirelli started truck tyre manufacturing in the Shandong Province. On Tuesday 27 November a new plant for the production of high-performance car tyres will be opened in the same area.

Finally, in order to officially introduce the Company to the people of China and further strengthen its links with the country, on Thursday 29 November Pirelli will present in Shanghai the 2008 edition of the celebrated Calendar. It is the first Pirelli Calendar in history to be set and presented in Asia. Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman of Pirelli, is a board member of FC Internazionale.

Interstore Shanghai is the latest of a series of initiatives planned for the future as part of Inter's global brand development project. Plans include the introduction of a range of products tailored for the local market, the opening of more merchandising outlets around China, mail order and e-commerce initiatives, and the development of Chinese football at grassroots level through the opening of Inter-branded soccer schools.

"We are honoured to open our flagship Interstore in this remarkable city of Shanghai," said Angelomario Moratti, vice president of F.C. Internazionale.
"The launch of this outlet is a further step to expand Inter's presence in the rapidly growing Chinese market and to bridge the geographical gap that separates us from our millions of supporters in China."

Ernesto Paolillo, F.C. Internazionale's managing director and chief operating officer, added: "Today, most of Inter's sponsors and partners are from outside the Greater China region. Thanks to the sponsorship of Pirelli, Nike and Sky, to name just a few, Inter's management has been able to sign some of the most talented players in the world.
“I hope that we can win the support of Chinese corporate clients as we have done with business communities elsewhere."

国际米兰上海专卖店 - 官方开幕

开幕活动当天俱乐部副主席安杰洛•马里奥•莫拉蒂(Angelo Mario Moratti),执行主席兼总经理厄内斯托•保利洛(Ernesto Paolillo),商业主任凯蒂•芭莎女士(Katia Bassi)以及一名来自罗伯托•曼奇尼(Roberto Mancini)队伍的神秘球员将为各位展示这支意大利甲A冠军球队的风采。

在国际米兰的上海专卖店内,你将感受到的是一种互动的体验,而不仅仅是一个购物的场所。更衣室和沙发都是根据著名的圣西罗体育场(San Siro Stadium)设计的。店内提供免费的英特网区域和国际米兰俱乐部的小型照片陈列馆,这一切都为在这个世界大都市的球迷营造了一个震撼人心的真实氛围。

俱乐部与中国的亲密接触在近几年里变得越来越频繁。俱乐部在中国青岛成立了国米训练营,并在夏天与中国超级联赛冠军和国家奥林匹克足球队进行了友谊赛,国米意甲队服上倍耐力轮胎(Pirelli)的标识也印上了中文,俱乐部中文官方网站 也已正式开通。

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giovedì 29 novembre 2007

PIRELLI launched “The Cal” 2008 calendar in Shanghai

PIRELLI launched “The Cal” 2008 calendar in Shanghai, the 35th edition of the Italian tire maker's famous calendar collection and the first ever shot in Asia.

23 portraits in the calendar were shot entirely in Shanghai by renowned fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier: the bustling Nanjing Road E., narrow lanes in the old French Concession, the beautiful gardens at the Yong Foo Elite restaurant (the former British Legation) and ancient Chinese style architecture.

11 beauties as raising supermodel Agyness Deane, Lily Donaldson, Doutzen Kroes, Catherine Mc Neil, Gemma Ward, Sasha Pivovarova, Coco Rocha, Caroline Trentini, the chinese actress Maggie Cheung and top models Mo Wan Dan e Du Juan

First published in 1964, the calendar is famous for its artistic portraits of beautiful women and limited availability. It is not for public sale and is given as a corporate gift to a restricted number of VIPs and celebrities including Prince Charles. About 23,000 copies were printed this year.

Pirelli opened a US$97-million plant in China's Shandong Province on Tuesday. Both of the company's two plants in Asia are in China.

"China, for us, represents the future, a new world to explore," said Francesco Tarallo, head of communication of Pirelli. "China and the other Asian markets are the new frontiers for international expansion of the group."

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martedì 27 novembre 2007

China Ministery of Science and Technology: 20Nov. Newsletter


*Mapping Data Opened to the Public
*International Cooperation between Industry, Universities and Research Institutes
*China-Canada for Sustainable Agriculture
*Helical Conducting Nanofibers
* UTRN a Cancer Prohibiting Gene
*CT for Detecting Sea Floor Earthquake

LINK TO: Newsletter 20, November

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domenica 25 novembre 2007

UK and China join forces to secure commercial investment

[Date: 2007-11-22]
The UK and China have launched a common initiative to help joint research teams commercialise their research results.

Innovation China UK (ICUK) will fund 'proof of concept' research and development (R&D) projects with strong commercial potential. The funding will help joint UK-Chinese teams to develop and analyse options for commercialising their findings, thereby bolstering their chances of securing commercial investment.

'Such exciting research partnerships mark a potentially significant step in the capability of both our countries to boost knowledge transfer. With greater knowledge transfer comes a greater ability to innovate,' said UK Science and Innovation Minister Ian Pearson.

ICUK brings together five British and over 10 Chinese higher education institutions. The relevant ministry from each country will put around €7 million into the funding pot.

The funding will go to projects in the areas of energy, climate change, sustainable development, infectious diseases, biomedicine, drug discovery (including traditional Chinese medicine), nanotechnology, materials science and space technology. (Cordis)

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mercoledì 7 novembre 2007

“战略环评在中国”国际研讨会在京召开 专家建议以战略环评作为科学发展观的制度支撑 潘岳呼吁社会各界支持规划环评立法工作

2007年11月3日,“战略(规划)环评在中国”国际研讨会在北京召开。与会专家呼吁,战略(规划)环评应作为科学发展观和生态文明的重要制度支撑,应尽快对重化工产业、重点流域、重要能源基地和快速扩张城镇化地区实施规划环评。环保总局副局长潘岳则表示,规划环评制度的建立还面临着诸多困难,尤其立法工作急需推进,需要各部门和社会各界的大力支持。    与会专家普遍认为,中国当前所面临的环境问题往往是由于布局性、结构性的不合理促成的问题,因为很多地方在制定工业化、城镇化的有关政策和规划时并没有落实科学发展的要求。这些问题已经不是项目环评能够解决的,必须通过战略(规划)环评,从决策源头上对发展布局、结构、规模等进行优化调整,变过度开发为适度开发,变无序开发为有序开发,变短期开发为持久开发。因此,战略(规划)环评是落实科学发展和建立生态文明的重要制度支撑,是实现“主体功能区”的重要手段。    环保总局副局长潘岳表示,规划环评是战略环评的核心,战略环评又是科学发展观的重要制度支持。如果没有规划环评,“两高一资产业”的无序发展、城市中的工业区与生活区的冲突、不堪重负的流域区域生态承载能力、以及能源开发的重化工发展模式都无法根本扭转。为此,环保总局自两年前启动了《规划环评条例》的立法工作,但因为各部门严重的职能交叉与一些地方短平快的业绩观,该立法目前尚不能很快出台。潘岳说,规划环评是目前中国高速工业化和城市化进程中至关重要的制度,而相关立法则是该制度得以建立的基础,希望各部门及社会各界共同支持《规划环评条例》尽早出台。    与会专家指出,目前最急需进行规划环评的是“两高一资”产业、重点流域、能源基地以及快速城镇化地区。    从产业发展的角度,有专家指出,火电、钢铁、造纸等高耗能高污染行业由于前几年缺乏布局规划,导致分散发展、无序竞争。例如火电行业。重化工业是GDP增长的支柱产业,火电是重化工业的主要能源,火电又依赖煤炭消费。2003年,中国的火电装机容量是3亿千瓦左右,到2006年底已经接近5亿千瓦,按照目前的发展速度和电力结构,2020年火电装机将大大超过预计的规模。这样的发展速度应经过认真的规划。从布局上看,长三角及珠三角内蒙等地区已形成大规模的电厂群,造成了严重的局部大气污染。从结构上看,2006年底,我国发电装机容量中,新能源只占了0. 21%,而10万千瓦及以下的小火电机组却占23.8%。如今对节能减排任务压力最大的就是小火电。再如钢铁行业。2006年,中国粗钢产量4.2亿吨,位居全球第一。但不符合产业政策的落后炼铁能力约占总产能的24.2%,落后炼钢能力占总产能的13.3%。如果把这些落后产能淘汰掉,一年可以节能5000多万吨标准煤,1亿吨水。我国75家重点钢铁企业中,有26家建在直辖市和省会城市,34家建在百万人口以上大城市,由于城市对环保要求越来越高,钢铁行业与城市发展的矛盾也越来越大。这是典型的布局与结构问题。除了火电与钢铁,造纸、石化、电解铝、水泥、焦化、电石、铁合金等行业都存在着类似问题。    从流域开发的规划布局角度,专家指出,由于条块分割、行政区域分割的原因,使得流域上下游、左右岸和干支流的发展难以得到统筹兼顾,造成了过度开发、无序开发和短期开发盛行的局面。如太湖流域的城市规模近年来迅速扩张,已成为国内城市群密度最高的区域之一。但由于流域人口密度过高(每平方公里1000人以上)、工业过于集中(无锡市每平方公里的工业企业数达10家左右),其主要水污染物排放总量也明显超过了环境容量,今年5月终于爆发了蓝藻。    针对能源重化工基地的规划布局问题,专家指出,黄河中上游宁夏、陕西、内蒙等煤炭资源丰富的省区近年来争上能源化工项目,都提出了很高的发展目标。例如内蒙鄂尔多斯一个市就有四个相同功能的煤化工基地,至2010年的规划目标是煤炭产能达到2亿吨、煤化工产能700万吨、电力装机1500万千瓦;相邻的内蒙、陕西、与宁夏几个地市又各自办起了好几个三至四个功能完全重复的煤化工基地。如何实现能源化工基地的跨省区合理布局,如何解决行业高耗水与区域严重缺水的矛盾,如何从源头上防止能源化工产业对脆弱的区域生态环境所造成的破坏,都需要统一进行战略环评。    快速城镇化的规划布局也是专家普遍关注的重点。目前绝大多数城市的建设规划没有环境影响评价的内容,有些城市的规划一两年一变样,随意性极大,常出现工业区和生活区混杂的尴尬局面,使当时符合环境标准的工业项目,一段时间之后常常因为城市规划的变化(例如在附近突然兴建生活区)而变成环境安全高风险项目。从而带来愈加严重的环境争议。    潘岳则表示,战略(规划)环评两年多的工作取得了局部进展,但进一步推进的难度很大。从2005年就启动的《规划环境影响评价条例》的立法工作,由于各部门和地方有不同意见,短期内还不能出台。具体原因一是部门职能交叉,环保部门在战略环评实施中的综合协调和管理的职能部门得不到明确的法律界定不明确;二是战略环评所注重的长期利益、全局利益往往是与有些部门和地方所关心追求的短期利益、局部利益相冲突,致使很多地区和部门他们对这项工作不那么支持,并甚至以种种理由逃避开展规划环评的责任。然而,日益严重的环境资源问题不容许等到条件成熟了再开展规划环评,只能抓紧推进这项工作。    潘岳说,尽管困难重重,但规划环评工作还是取得了艰难进展:第一,《规划环评条例》的送审稿已上报国务院,目前正在修改审定中;第二,环保总局通过区域限批等手段,开展了包括内蒙古、新疆、大连、武汉等10个典型行政区,铁路、石化、铝业等3个重点行业和重庆市三峡库区重点产业发展规划、宁东能源化工基地规划纲要等8项重要专项规划在内的规划环评试点。    潘岳最后表示,国际经验和国内实践证明,战略环评作为优化产业和区域发展布局、结构和规模的制度手段,是现阶段促进环境与发展综合决策,实现科学发展的最有力保障之一。没有战略环评,高耗能、高污染行业盲目上马、无序竞争的态势将会日益加剧;没有战略环评,城市建设与产业发展布局重合、定位冲突的矛盾将会日益尖锐;没有战略环评,中西部与东部环境不公平、污染产业转移的问题将会日益突出;没有战略环评,流域和区域开发行政分割、各自为政的格局将会日益固化。总之,战略环评的缺失将使得十七大报告所提出的“经济增长的资源环境代价过大”的问题得不到根本解决,生态文明的观念得不到牢固树立,可持续发展的战略得不到真正落实。环保总局将尽最大努力加强部门沟通和协调,积极推进《条例》的立法工作。      此次研讨会由国家环保总局主办,国家环保总局评估中心、国家发改委国际合作中心和香港环保署承办,中欧生物多样性项目、国际环境影响评价协会、英国ERM环境资源管理公司协办。来自联合国开发署、联合国环境署、国际环境影响评价协会、欧盟驻中国代表处等国际机构,国家发改委、国土资源部、铁道部、交通部、农业部、国务院法制办等十几个部门和上海市、内蒙古自治区、大连市、武汉市等地方政府的代表,美国斯坦福大学、香港科技大学、清华大学等80多家国内外高校和科研机构的专家学者共150多人参加了会议

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martedì 6 novembre 2007

China - Russia even closer

Nine agreements, four concern future cooperation on the peaceful use of nuclear power.
The two countries also agreed to complete the construction of an oil pipeline connecting China and Russia by the end of 2008.

The two countries will strive to sharply increase the proportion of electro-mechanical equipment and high-tech products in the bilateral trade and will place great importance on the task of promoting the development of bilateral trade, the joint communique said.
(Shanghai Daily)

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Invito - Invitation Statue di Matteo Ricci e Xu Guangqi

Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Sezione di Shanghai
意大利驻沪总领事馆 文化处

L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Sezione di Shanghai è lieto di annunciare l’svelamento delle

Statue di Matteo Ricci e Xu Guangqi

Data: giovedì 8 novembre 2007, ore 8.45
Luogo: Guangqi Park, n.17, Nandan Lu, Shanghai.
Apertura del Seminario Internazionale su Matteo Ricci e Paulus Xu Guangqi
In occasione del 400° Anniversario della Pubblicazione in Lingua Cinese
degli “Elementi di Euclide”

Data: giovedì 8 novembre 2007, ore 13.30 – 14.15
Luogo: 7° Piano, Sport Hotel, n.15, Nandan Lu, Shanghai
Nei due giorni successivi all’apertura del Seminario, il Dott.Paolo Sabbatini, Direttore dell’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Shanghai (discendente della Famiglia di Sabbathin de Ursis) e il Prof.Luigi Ricci (discendente della Famiglia Ricci) daranno rispettivamente una conferenza.





将于2007年11月8日(周四)下午13:30 - 14:15在斯波特酒店(南丹路15号)举行。
在研讨会接下去的两天中,意大利驻沪总领事馆文化处处长倪波路先生(熊三拔家族后裔)及Luigi Ricci教授(利玛窦家族后裔)将分别举行一场讲座。

The Culture Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai
is delighted to announce the inauguration of

Statues of Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi

Date: November 8th, 2007 (Thursday), at 8:45 a.m.
Location: Guangqi Park, No.17, Nandan Rd, Shanghai.
Opening of the International Seminar on Matteo Ricci and Paulus Xu Guangqi
On the occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Publication in Chinese Language
of “Elements of Euclid”

Date: November 8th, 2007 (Thursday), from 1:30pm – 2:15pm
Venue: 7F, Sport Hotel, No.15, Nandan Rd., Shanghai
In the following two days, Mr.Paolo Sabbatini, Director of the Culture Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai (descendant of the family Sabbathin de Ursis) and Prof.Luigi Ricci (descendent of the family Ricci) will give a lecture respectively.

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Invito l'ICE, in occasione della prossima fiera ENERGY & AUTOMATION CHINA (IAS) 2007

Abbiamo il piacere di informarVi che l'ICE, in occasione della prossima fiera ENERGY & AUTOMATION CHINA (IAS) 2007, organizzera' una collettiva di aziende realizzando un Padiglione Italiano vedra’ la partecipazione di 8 aziende Italiane.
Per promuovere l’iniziativa l’ICE di Shanghai ha effettuato alcune inserzioni pubblicitarie mirate su riviste specializzate locali ed ha pubblicato un catalogo dedicato al Padiglione Italiano, qui allegato in formato elettronico, che verra’ distribuito ai visitatori in fiera e che e’ stato preventivamente inviato, attraverso un direct-mailing, a circa 200 operatori professionali del settore.
La fiera si terra' dal 6 al 10 novembre 2007 presso lo Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) di Pudong, Hall E1, sito al n. 2345 di Long Yang road.Sarete pertanto i benvenuti a visitare la fiera ed il Padiglione Italiano.Con i migliori saluti
Maurizio ForteDirettore ICE Shanghai
We are pleased to inform you that Italian Trade Commission, in the occasion of ENERGY & AUTOMATION CHINA (IAS) 2007, is going to organize an Italian Pavilion hosting 8 Italian exhibiting companies.Italian Trade Commission has promoting the presence of Italian companies by creating and distributing a special catalogue dedicated to the Italian Pavilion, as well as by an advertising campaign through specialized media.You are more than welcomed to attend the above mentioned exhibition and to visit the Italian Pavilion, which will be held from November 6 to November 10 in the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), Hall E1, Long Yang Rd. in Pudong.Best regardsMaurizio ForteItalian Trade Commissioner in Shanghai--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
我们非常荣幸的通知您,作为意大利展览会推广系统在国外市场的一个窗口,本次意大利对外贸易委员组织的意大利国家展团由8家意大利工业自动化和能源企业组成,即将参与2007上海工博会旗下的”工业自动化和能源展2007”, 此次展览由汉诺威展览公司主办。意大利对外贸易委员会为了推广 本次意大利工业自动化和能源行业的参展商,制作了参展商的相关资料并且进行了一定量的广告宣传。我们诚挚地欢迎各位贵宾于展会期间(11月6号至10号)来参观访问意大利国家展团。地点在上海新国际博览中心东1馆。特此通知, 谨候您的光临与参与!!付泰
Maurizio Forte首席代表意大利对外贸易委员会上海办事处

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lunedì 5 novembre 2007

USA - CHINA Meeting of Defense Ministers

China and the United States also agreed to open a direct telephone line between the defense ministries of the two countries, which is the first of its kind that China has ever established with another country at the defense ministry level.

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